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If you were ever an SKA member, please click here to login to your existing account and renew membership.  Using this form to renew, creates a second account for you, which may result in  reminders even though you have already renewed.  Thanks for helping us to keep our records straight. 

Personal Information - * indicates required entry

Memberships include two household members.  You can list a primary member only, or you can include two names in the First Name field (e.g., John and Mary). To include two last names, use a slash between names in the Last Name field (e.g. Smith/Jones).
If both household members have email addresses, enter both the primary and additional member email addresses in the appropriate fields below if you both want to receive SKA communications.  Please double check email addresses to be sure they are accurate.
Optional Membership Information
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Annual Membership Fees
Mamberships are from January through December for each year and do not auto-renew.  Be sure to log into your account to renew your membership at the end of the year.

Thank you for becoming a member of Siesta Key Association!